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The Ultimate Cost of AWS Migration Checklist

The Ultimate cost of AWS migration checklist

Migrating to the cloud is the need of the hour for any business. It is a well-established fact that the AWS Cloud environment is easy to use, offers flexibility to businesses, and is scalable, secured, and reliable. 

But before jumping ship, you would want to know the cost of cloud migration – specifically to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cloud systems offer hordes of cost benefits, which is what makes them so attractive.

So, does AWS offer cost benefits?

What are the cost benefits of migrating to the AWS cloud?

What role do AWS partners play here? 

We will find out about all these and more in this blog.

Determining the Cost of AWS Cloud         
It is difficult to zero down on an amount for AWS cloud migration because things aren’t this simple here. There are many things to consider – some obvious but many pretty much unknown. We shall attempt to explain the various facets of cloud migration with Amazon Web Services here.

But, first, let’s look at some of the obvious cost determiners.


What are AWS Credits?
AWS Credits can be redeemed when paying for costs associated with certain AWS services. They get applied to your AWS account and can be used until they expire. There is a right order of using the credits and by this, we mean working with a lot of details.

AWS has a method of calculating credits that are based on your estimated usage of the cloud system. This is calculated with the help of a simple monthly calendar.

Credits is an AWS Partner Network (APN) led to proof of concept so to benefit from Credits you must partner with an APN.

Mitigating Risk of Cost Escalation with AWS Credits
Since the aim of cloud migration is to overcome latency and improve operational speed while mitigating cost escalations, you must know (and use) AWS Credits.

When you migrate to a new cloud-based system, initially you must have leveraged a sizable volume of cloud services – even if that means paying for more than what you currently need.

Paying for more services initially will undoubtedly seem like a burden. Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs. Make use of promotional credits offered by Amazon Web Services that will lessen the initial financial impact. While they get added to your AWS account, you must first know how to use them.

why does it make sense to use an AWS partner to use AWS

Before migrating to AWS, it’s important to understand the labyrinth that covers computing capabilities, storage, databases, networking, analytics, security, and more. The best way to pave your way through all this is to work with the toolmakers, or in other words with AWS Partners.

APNs help partners build their AWS accounts by offering business, marketing, and technical support all along the way. Joining hands with APN partners will leverage you to:


Does AWS Prefer You Use AWS Microservices?
AWS Microservices offer an architectural and organizational approach to development. Primarily owned by self-contained teams, Microservices aim to build independent components that in the future will function as individual services processes. Along the way, they use lightweight APIs that are specifically built after assessing unique business capabilities.

Microservices attempt to overcome the limitations traditionally seen with monolithic architectures. As Microservices help to scale applications, it improves cycle times in organizations. Though Microservices is not without its faults and limitations, it does lower-cost infrastructure which may prove beneficial.

What’s the Cost of Putting Data into AWS? What’s the Cost Of Moving Data Out of AWS? Does it Make Sense to Get A Lot Of Data Out of AWS?
It is not uncommon to overlook the cost of data transfer while using a service such as AWS. However, understanding it is important in your cost-cutting measures.

Typically, charges for data transfer between AWS and the Internet are based on a per-service basis. However, there are no data transfer charges if the internet getaway is used in a Region for public endpoint access to an AWS service. But if your workload is distributed across different Regions, then there is a charge for the data transfer.  

If you are moving components within your workload, charges may be applied depending on where these components are currently deployed.

At the end of December 2021, AWS made certain pricing changes for data transfer. For the first 10 million HTTP/S requests made each month, the first terabyte out of Amazon CloudFront and the first two million, CloudFront Function invocations made each month are now free of cost. Additionally, AWS has removed the limitations of 12 months on data transfer out of CloudFront.

AWS has further introduced a scheme where the first 100 GB of data transfer per month out of all Regions (except China and GovCloud) will not be charged. Also, AWS has removed the limitation of 12 months on free data transfers from AWS Regions.

Which AWS Services Are Costly?
There are five pricing models offered by AWS. They are designed to help you optimize costs and plan your budget. While planning your AWS project, you can make use of more than one model.

These five models are:


Amazon pricing can be extremely complex, with many factors playing significant roles. Pricing may vary depending on demands, shifts, etc. There are many AWS Services you can use for your business. The general opinion is that the Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosting – D2 Server is the most expensive AWS service. You may end up paying an estimated $6.072/hour for hourly usage.

How AAIC has Reduced AWS Cost for Customers         
The best way to understand AWS cost is to work with an APN Partner who can direct you toward cost-saving services that best suit your requirements. As an advanced AWS consulting partner, AAIC has proven repeatedly that reducing AWS costs is possible. We 

  • Help to co-create and deploy cloud-native applications built for open, secure & hybrid platforms.
  • leverage Kubernetes and DevSecOps tools.
  • Embrace a continuous innovation culture with a CI/CD approach.
  • Rapidly develop and deploy scalable enterprise applications.
  • Reduce operational expenses by lowering capital expenditures.
  • Mobile-enabled backend apps and build native mobile apps.

Book a free consultation call with our AWS experts.

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