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Implemented a Secure and Scalable Infrastructure on AWS


Implemented a secure and scalable infrastructure on AWS


The Challenge

Cutshort wanted to deploy its solution infrastructure in AWS that will be highly available and scalable based on the workload, traffic, and peak hours. Also, it should be the cost effective. In addition, they wanted to implement all the security measures in their AWS accounts which are supported by the AWS and to be able to receive notification for all the possible alerts.

 Partner Solution

For the client, DevOps adoption was key. They were looking to increase their productivity, optimize processes and enjoy a stronger collaborative work environment through DevOps

As AWS Partner, AAIC Interacted with client’s engineering, product management and IT team to fully comprehend the application’s functional and business requirements from the perspective of end-user and took the below key steps to provide the solution:

    1. AAIC proposed them a new architecture which suggested to use ECS Fargate with Autoscaling & SPOT instead of ECS NodeGroups to save the cost as well as to scale automatically.
    2. Also, Cutshort wasn’t using any Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaC) tool so we introduced them with terraform and how it can help them to spin up a new solution infrastructure in few minutes.
    3. Told them about AWS savings plan and how it can benefit on the overall cost.
    4. Help them to setup the AWS organization for consolidated billing.
about cutshort Screenshot

  5. Integrated their G-Suite with AWS Single-Sign-On to manage access centrally across their AWS Organization

With the help of terraform, AAIC created a new infrastructure for cutshort which was secured with the help of AWS services and resources such as AWS WAF, NACL’s, internal load balancers. Also, implemented alerts and notifications with the help of AWS Cloudwatch and SNS.

AWS Technologies Used

AWS ECS, AWS Load Balancers, AWS WAF, AWS SNS, AWS Cloudwatch Log Group

Results and Benefits

With new infrastructure, Cutshort started to save almost 25-30% cost compared to the earlier ones. As AAIC introduced them with Savings Plan and its benefits, they applied it in their AWS organization and started to get the benefits of it on the overall cost.

The deployment now became easier because of CodeDeploy and Github Actions (A CI/CD tool) and they were now able to move the changes to prod easily and faster. Earlier they used to make production changes once in two weeks but now they are started to do it in two days.

About the Partner

AAIC has a certified cloud engineering team that provides the needed expertise and service to move your on-premises data center to AWS Cloud. It takes the code from existing version control to open-source library GitHub, debug and make it operational on AWS. During the entire 5 step process, AAIC solution architects and cloud engineering team worked closely with the client team to deliver a secure, scalable, and performant solution post-migration.

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