Launching “AiTest” soon. A Cross-Browser performance testing SaaS platform. Automated but real load testing of your application. Stay tuned!

One tool for test automation for every service, application, and platform. aiTest Launching Soon - Secure Your FREE Spot (Limited to the First 100 Signups)!

One tool for test automation for every service, application, and platform. aiTest Launching Soon - Secure Your FREE Spot (Limited to the First 100 Signups)! | Join us on Tuesday, 25th August 2023, for an insightful webinar on 'Enhance the efficiency of Cloud monitoring using LogicMonitor' and optimize your cloud operations like never before!

About Applied AI

Intelligence Delivered

Automation is our DNA

We assist businesses in modernizing and transforming their operations using AI Technology, DevOps Methods, and AWS Cloud Services. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we have a deep understanding of cloud computing and a dedication to remaining current with the newest technology.


We see each business leveraging AI technology to have speed and efficiency transforming us into an intelligent world.
Our vision is to transform every business unit of each organization using AI tech and make it highly efficient and self-learning.


Our mission is to help businesses transform and modernize their applications and operations through the use of AI technology, DevOps practices, and AWS Cloud solutions. We aim to make every business unit more efficient, self-learning, and highly effective through our expertise and innovative approaches

Core Values

Icons_core values

Customer First

A work culture that values the customers. We build a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with our customers to promote future collaboration and partnership.


Intelligent Automation

Anything repetitive is a candidate for automation. We think about reusability and repeatability for every automation project.


Learning Attitude

We make ourselves world-class in whatever we work on. Focus on spending a fixed dedicated time on learning new stuff every week. We have a certification goal per quarter.


Bias Towards Action

We are committed to completing all projects on time. Our team meticulously plans the execution plan with a feasible change management approach.

Why Applied AI Consulting

With over 60+ AWS certifications and 12 AWS accreditations, our staff is prepared to assist clients in achieving their objectives.

Our commitment to continual learning and emphasis on automation make us well-equipped to help organisations remain competitive and prosper in an increasingly digital world.

Trust us to support you in elevating your business to the next level with our knowledge and unique strategies

Team AWS Certified
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Experienced talent pool in India and USA
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Global Clients
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History & Key Milestone​


Highlight of 2019

Ignited the Journey in a co-working space.
Provided Digital Marketing Services with latest AI tool chain.
Worked on building AI product & solution for Sales & Marketing acceleration.


Growth Phase

Embarked our Engineering services spotlighting Cloud & DevOps

Transformed 15 large clients across 20+ projects.
AAIC accelerator DevOps-in-a-box launched


Change Phase

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
Served 35 clients across 50+ projects.
AAIC grew 100% YoY


Achievement Phase

Earned ISO 27001 Certification.

aiTest: Cross browser testing platform development started

Marxeed – Marketing campaign recommendation Engine Beta program
Thrilled to see a 3-year shift from 2 to 100+ workforce.
AAIC accelerator SLS API generator brought into action.
Created US entity and started US office


Exciting work ahead

DevOps and Service Delivery Competency on AWS
Custom AI and NLP solutions for FinTech and other industries

GTM for aiTest

GTM for Sales acceleration platform – Marxeed + 7Targets + Doculens

Our Leadership

Vijay Roy

Co-Founder & CEO

Vijay Roy is an accomplished industry leader who has played senior executive roles for two decades in Enterprise Software, Direct-to-consumer Applications, and IT services.

Gaurav Ashtikar

Co-Founder & Director Platforms

Gaurav is an exceptional system engineer. As a former Cloud Architect and DevOps engineer, he brings expertise and experience in building a strong foundation for AAIC.

Our Mentors

Gunanand Nagarkar (GG)

Chief Mentor

Gunanand (aka GG) is known for bringing 3 things on board – Efficiency, Engagement and Enthusiasm.

Sanju Burkule Chief Visionary

Sanju Burkule

Chief Visionary

Sanju is an Entrepreneur and industry veteran with more than 2 decades of experience. He believes in ‘Automate or Get Automated’.

Our Process

Systematic approach to achieving our goals through well-defined steps and continuous improvement.
Work Process

Join Our Team Now

Our goal is to create a welcoming and all encompassing environment that our team
members feel comfortable in. We are always focused on upskilling our team into their
area of interest. We have a strong belief that great employees makes a great company.
We are always looking for great minds to join our team and grow together.

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