Launching “AiTest” soon. A Cross-Browser performance testing SaaS platform. Automated but real load testing of your application. Stay tuned!

One tool for test automation for every service, application, and platform. aiTest Launching Soon - Secure Your FREE Spot (Limited to the First 100 Signups)!

One tool for test automation for every service, application, and platform. aiTest Launching Soon - Secure Your FREE Spot (Limited to the First 100 Signups)! | Join us on Tuesday, 25th August 2023, for an insightful webinar on 'Enhance the efficiency of Cloud monitoring using LogicMonitor' and optimize your cloud operations like never before!

Transform Your Financial Institution with AI

Intelligent automation, actionable insights, and enhanced customer experiences

Unlocking Competitive Edge through Advanced AI Solutions

Our NLP algorithms and machine learning models extract insights from your data to optimize decisions. Advanced artificial intelligence transforms document processing, analyzes sentiment, and enhances predictions. Applied AI solutions from our experts boost efficiency, reduce risks, and elevate the customer experience. Partner with us to leverage AI and achieve a competitive edge.

Driving Productivity and Cost Savings for Financial Services
with Custom AI Solutions

Intelligent Chatbots

Deploy conversational AI chatbots to automate customer service queries and provide 24/7 support.

Customer Onboarding

Streamline customer onboarding by automating document processing to extract information and upload to internal systems without manual back-and-forth.

Insightful Data

Generate comprehensive reports by leveraging AI web scraping to dynamically extract key data from websites.

Personalized Recommendations

Build tailored customer profiles to provide personalized product recommendations using AI to analyze customer data.

Next-Level Financial Services:
Streamlined Automation and Adaptive AI


faster query resolution achieved through our AI-powered chatbots compared to human agents.


50% reduction in onboarding time by automating document processing and data extraction using OCR and NLP.


more data points extracted through our dynamic web scraping solution vs traditional scraping.

Unlock the Potential of AI

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Success Stories & Case Studies



The team was extremely knowledgeable and provided invaluable guidance on how to optimize my infrastructure while minimizing costs.

US based leading content marketing company VP of Engineer

The UI was not only
aesthetically pleasing but
also user-friendly, and UX was seamless and intuitive which made it easy for our customers to navigate.

Global provider of healthcare software solutions CTO

Our vision was
successfully transformed
by the team into a reality that surpassed our expectations. AAIC helped us save between $10,000 and $20,000 annually on licensing costs.

International workflow management and advising firm IT Manager

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