Launching “AiTest” soon. A Cross-Browser performance testing SaaS platform. Automated but real load testing of your application. Stay tuned!

One tool for test automation for every service, application, and platform. aiTest Launching Soon - Secure Your FREE Spot (Limited to the First 100 Signups)!

One tool for test automation for every service, application, and platform. aiTest Launching Soon - Secure Your FREE Spot (Limited to the First 100 Signups)! | Join us on Tuesday, 25th August 2023, for an insightful webinar on 'Enhance the efficiency of Cloud monitoring using LogicMonitor' and optimize your cloud operations like never before!

Quality Automation & Testing

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Assurance of high-quality, dependable, and functional software

  • Quality automation and testing are essential components of the software development process that contribute to the development of high-quality, reliable, and purpose-fit software.
  • Prior to releasing software to end-users, the purpose of quality automation and testing is to identify and fix bugs and issues.
  • Quality automation and testing are critical components of the DevOps methodology for software development, guaranteeing that the programme is of high quality and meets the requirements of end users.
  • By utilising these strategies, firms can lower the risk of errors and difficulties, accelerate the delivery of software, and boost customer satisfaction overall.

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Testing Strategy & Planning

Defining the testing objectives, scope, and approach, as well as identifying the necessary resources, tools, and techniques to ensure the quality and effectiveness of software testing.

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Enterprise Application Testing

Testing complex software systems used by large organizations to support critical business processes, that covers functional, performance, security, and usability testing, among others.

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SaaS Application Testing

Testing cloud-based SaaS applications considering shared infrastructure, multi-tenancy, and dynamic scalability of the system.

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Cloud Native Application Testing

Testing containerized applications that are designed and deployed using cloud native technologies that addresses the unique challenges and benefits of this architecture.

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UI Automation

Automating user interface testing using specialized software tools that simulate user actions and interactions, helping to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability of testing.

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API Automation

Automating the testing of API’s using specialized software tools and frameworks that enable automated API calls, data validation, and error checking, among other functions.

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