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marXeed-The AI Powered Marketing Platform

Fastrack your marketing functions with intelligence. Generate highly focused marketing content with tremendous speed. Widen your ‘Marketing Funnel’ with integrating industry proven AI enabled marketing tools and get up to 3X returns on your marketing investment. Extract actionable insights from your data through AI and streamline your digital marketing pipeline.

Generate More Leads with
AI-Enabled Chatbots & Assistants

We specialize in developing chatbots, intelligent assistants conversational agents, which help you generate more leads which are likely to convert. These smart tools can be easily integrated with industry leading channels such as Slack, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Google Reviews, Skype and Facebook Messenger. We also have an expertise in AI Assistant Platforms like 7Targets, Rasa, DialogFlow, Amazon Lex, Azure LUIS and more.

Why Us?

Applied AI consulting vision is to AI-enable business functions such as Marketing, Sales & HR.

To make this happen, we leverage technologies like Machine learning, Deep learning, BigData & Analytics, Cloud native modernisation. We augment the business processes with artificial intelligence, thereby improving the overall business metrics like Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) & Customer Lifecycle Value (CLV) , thus helping top line revenue significantly.

Our Clients

"We never knew how much the world has progressed so much in past two years.
AI is here and now."

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