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Proven tips to bridge both digital and cash payment platforms with a hybrid app

Proven tips to bridge both digital and cash payment platforms with a hybrid app

How many times do you receive candies instead of changes in any retail shop?

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, it is irritating! Isn’t it?

Well, it is difficult to manage leftover coins and bills in a physical payment environment.

Like this only, one of our customers was finding it difficult to manage leftover coins and bills. With this, customer satisfaction was declining. Hence, the client was looking for a digital payment solution that can make the best use of the leftover coins.

Building a scalable and secured payment app isn’t easy! Here are some tips that might come in handy for you.  

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Develop the Backend APIs

First, you can build the backend APIs for all the back-end services from the server side. You can use NodeJS for writing the APIs and to serve the demands of the app, admin portal, and POS system. 

Develop the Frontend Application Framework

You have to develop the mobile app for Android and iOS. And for this, you can use Flutter to develop a cross-platform mobile app faster. Flutter empowers you to develop apps for Android and iOS using the same code. It can save you precious time! 

Integrate your app with the POS App

It’s time to integrate the application with the POS app in native Android technology to avoid any unknown system-specific issues.  

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Integrate a payment gateway 

Now you can integrate a payment gateway with the app to store and manage the user’s bank accounts with security. It can help you to get away with compliance-related issues.

Integrate an SMS gateway 

Your team can integrate an SMS gateway service now. With this, the end-users can get OTP SMS. This comes with scalability. Depending on the increasing user base, you can accommodate more numbers by scaling the OTP service. In addition, you can also integrate a cloud messaging service for push notifications. 

Deploy AWS ECS  

You must use Amazon Elastic Container Service (AWS ECS) to build the server of the app. The auto-scaling and CI/CD allow you to grow as per demands and release apps faster than before. It allows you to rent VMs as per the need of your app and traffic.

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Build a hybrid payment app from scratch with us

We at AAIC are instrumental in building payment apps with optimum security. Our team of certified AWS architects and engineers can digitize your whole infrastructure to accelerate your revenue and customer satisfaction. Everything we do right from planning to execution, we follow all AWS technologies along with a hyper-automation approach to incline the right cloud strategy. 

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