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Enhance your day-to-day operations through Amazon workspaces and IaC

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How many businesses go down for a non-scalable environment and increasing costs?

Automating manual infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. 

With the rise of ‘Infrastructure as Code (IaC)’, there is a huge rush to automate the infrastructure and run as IaaC. 

Manual infrastructure deployment results in errors and it is time-consuming. 

We interact with many CEOs regularly and they have mentioned some of the issues they are: 

  • Lack of expertise in using AWS services resulted in doubtful decisions.
  • Non-scalable environment 
  • Manual deployment of AWS infrastructure and application deployment for each new environment was time taking and error-prone.
  • Some packages fail to install on EC2 servers for unknown reasons.
  • Lack of a sound development environment.

    Automating the AWS deployment architecture using Terraform code can scale the infrastructure.

    Want to automate? Let’s talk.

    And the benefits of deploying Infrastructure as Code (IaC) are:

Decreased risks

When you provision all your infrastructure manually with one person and when this person leaves your company, there is a chance that this person may take all knowledge to another company. 

When you implement IaC, it minimizes all such risks. IaC empowers you with infrastructure as a reproducible block of code with less error. 

Such infrastructure resides in a source code repository. Any change and history are visible to all.   

Stable environments for faster iterations

Usually, manually configured environments slow down your product development. This happens when you want to change the architecture of the product to enhance customer satisfaction. 

When you have IaaC, your environment is stable, easy to modify, and consistent. Your infrastructure lives as code along with your product. Such harmony helps you to develop new features for the product faster.  

Wish to have a stable environment? We have solutions for you.

Cost optimization

When your entire infrastructure is visible you can see what is running and what is not. You can easily optimize your costs to maintain profit margins. Such optimization is so easy with IaaC. 


Infrastructure as Code is self-documenting in the sense that when a new developer joins your organization, he/she can understand the logic just by reading it. With this, you can easily add more people to your team. It significantly reduces your onboarding time to your project. 

In addition to IaaC, the following solutions can be beneficial too:

 Installing and configuring the servers using Ansible.

  • Providing configured Amazon workspaces for their day-to-day operations.
  • Guidance to use Global Accelerator.
  • Use Gitlab for Issue tracking, Continuous integration, and Continuous deployment pipeline features. 

    Bring organization-wide automation with us. 

Why choose us?

  • At AAIC, we help you build better products faster. As a Cloud System Integrator (CSI) and DevOps Service Provider, we enable enterprises to transform securely by accelerating the migration of their application and big-data workloads to the cloud with improved governance.

  • Offer fully automated Terraform code for development and production environment within a month.
  • CI/CD pipeline for automated deployment.
  • Create Ansible automation for EC2 configuration within 5 days.
  • Enhance your day-to-day operations through Amazon workspaces
  • Solve any support tasks within 24 hrs.

We also help you master performance and collaboration within your team through our specially designed DevOps Services which

  • Helps you decide on the CI/CD platform based on your application suitability
  • Quickly select the best suitable pipeline for your application
  • Contain easy-to-use and standard templates that can be modified to suit your unique application.
  • Incorporates templates based on recommended architecture. 
  • Provides templates that have been used in production for multiple customers with varying degrees of application complexity

One of our customers specializes in messaging and mobility solutions. Their mobile solutions give customers an undisputed improvement in Visibility, Velocity, and Reach while upgrading levels of Standardization and Decentralization.

Read this case study to understand how we have automated their infrastructure with IaaC. 

If you have any query, talk to our expert

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