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Applied AI Consulting is Amplifying High Value Fintech Services

fintech startups with applied ai consulting

Pune (July 2022), Applied AI Consulting, a leading Cloud and AI automation provider, Is creating remarkable results in the fintech space.

Huge innovations are taking place in the fintech space and so are the challenges. Applied AI Consulting understands it pretty well and leverages AI technology to provide faster and safer solutions.

Its focus is on creating high-performing cloud apps by utilizing intelligent components and smart integrations. This is what differentiates them from the competition.

They have helped 35+ elite businesses from around the corner. And the number of fintech clients is increasing significantly.

When asked about their increasing demand in the fintech space, Vijay Roy, CEO of Applied AI Consulting says, “You need the next level of expertise with security and compliance when you are working with a fintech client. We are so glad that being an ISO 27001 certified company, we bring the initial trust factor to the table. And once they have a detailed interactive session with us they understand the depth of our expertise in the cloud space.” 

Excitedly adding, “Working with large insurance companies, reputable banks, and some cutting-edge startups is a wonderful experience. It has brought a game-changing impact on the team as well.” 

Till today, Applied AI Consulting has worked with various finance-based organizations and helped them scale with utmost security standards. 

Stating a few of them here:

-AAIC assisted a US-based finance firm with scalability and faster releases using their DevOps expertise. Their secure deployment architecture lays the foundation for security assurance.

-AAIC is helping a well-known public sector bank release apps in minutes.

-Through AWS CloudFormation, AAIC is helping a leading insurance MNC save costs.

And the list goes on.

We continue to engage with fintech partners to analyze workloads and align them with security and scalability best practices.

AAIC partners and clientele list is growing, and providing positive feedback for our service excellence and subject expertise.
Contact us at if you wish to achieve a similar level of security and scalability with a faster time to market.

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