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Accelerate Your execution with DevOps in a Box


It is not just demanding but also critical for an organization to be competent in order to speed up the business processes and sustain in the market. And if you are the one who put their eyes on improving the process while reducing the cost, then this blog is for you!

Today, IT organizations are under more pressure than ever to drive competitive advantage and innovation with higher quality while managing smaller teams. This shift has created a transformative turning point across every business domain, which is supported by new enabling technologies and development paradigms.

And DevOps-in-a-box is one such transformative tool that enables you to adopt the rapid and strategic transformation while also assisting you in cost reduction.

When used properly, these three distinct advantages emerge:

  1. It enables smaller development, QA, release, and production support teams to ship features and bug fixes whenever and wherever they are required.
  2. With specially designed pipelines and Infrastructure as Code (IaC), it helps you bring a cultural shift to your organization.
  3. It ensures greater stability and quality across production scenarios by using microservices and new delivery methodologies.

Top 3 Ways to Accelerate Your Execution with DevOps-in-a-Box


Dramatically reduce the time from idea to production. It makes you more responsive to client needs.


Eliminate waste, remove bottlenecks, and improve the output of the development and test team.


Replace complexity and manual activities with industrial-strength automation to direct investment towards innovation.

Practically, we have improved processes and reduced time to market by 80%

scope of work

Transform into Streamlined Release Events

There are some specific aspects to be careful about and are mentioned below.

DevOps-in-a-box helps you transform into well-organized release events so that you can focus more on providing quality value without worrying about delays and rising costs.

This is how DevOps-in-a-box helps you build more predictable release events allowing:

  • 45% cycle time improvement by automating release pipelines.
  • 55% reduction In development cost by increasing static code analysis.
  • 95% reduction In code to release by shortening backlog packages and daily releases.
  • 100% automated test coverage by increasing tests.

To transform into streamlined release events, you need to have a proper understanding of the DevOps process flow, which we are going to explain below. 

DevOps Process Flow


The DevOps lifecycle is primarily focused on coordination and automation. It determines the set of policies that links the development and Operations teams to work together.

Let’s look at the key steps involved in the DevOps process flow. 

Continuous Integration – It is a practice that allows developers to merge their code changes into a shared repository regularly.

Continuous Testing – It’s a practice that allows developers to ensure their code works as intended in a live environment.

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback – This process enables IT operations to identify problems and notify developers in real-time.

Continuous Delivery – This process allows code modifications to be created, tested, and packaged automatically before being released into production.

Continuous Deployment – In this process,  Every verified update is automatically released to users. It removes the requirement for pre-determined release dates and shortens the feedback loop.

Tools That Make DevOps Execution Easier

As we know, A standard DevOps process comprises 8 stages: plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate and monitor. There are a variety of open-source and OEM tools that can be used for each of these stages, as well as some that can be used for several stages.

As organizations step on their DevOps journey, they will need to research, evaluate, and test a variety of tools for a variety of functionalities. To make things easier for DevOps teams, we’ve compiled a list of DevOps tools that can help them achieve a successful DevOps transformation.

ToolsUsed For Stages
GitCode, Build
JenkinsBuild, Test, Deploy
PuppetDeploy, Operate
ChefDeploy, Operate
KubernetesBuild, Deploy, Operate
DockerBuild, Deploy, Operate
AnsibleDeploy, Operate

Data shows that high-performing and innovative organizations have embraced DevOps and are leveraging it to bring process optimization and cost-efficiency together.

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