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When DevOps-in-a-Box means more than money


Do you have concerns about how the DevOps transition would cost your SaaS organization? or What values will the adoption of DevOps-in-a-Box bring?

If yes, then this blog is going to be a must-read for you!

Because here we are going to bring insights to these critical aspects

  • Different Benefits of DevOps for Different Stakeholders
  • DevOps Adoption and its Impact
  • Steps to successful DevOps adoption
  • Various Cost Reduction Ways Through DevOps
  • A sneak peek into the Applied AI’s DevOps Platform

Different stakeholders have various corporate objectives. And different company goals necessitate different approaches to DevOps benefits. The perspective of a CIO differs from that of a CEO, who differs from that of an IT Manager or any other stakeholder.

For IT Managers, the procedural and technological metrics must be improved. Hence, for them, output performance indicators determine the benefits of DevOps. That  can be seen as:

  • Lower volume of defects
  • Lower cost of a release
  • Improved software performance
  • Frequent release of new features, and updates
  • Improved Mean Time To Recovery

For CIO/CTO, strategic goals involving people-centric metrics are crucial. For them, DevOps offers the following advantages:

  • Better process management
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability
  • Freedom to brainstorm and experiment
  • Cooperative and happier teams 
  • Reliable and fast fixes with improved operational support.

For CEOs, the business-based outcome with decreased production costs and increased revenue is critical. For their corporate vision, DevOps offers the following benefits:

  • Increased revenue
  • Satisfied customers
  • improved product quality
  • Lower cost of production
  • Lower downtime
  • Reliable and stable IT infrastructure 

DevOps Adoption and its Impact

It’s no surprise that firms like Amazon, Netflix, Nordstrom, Etsy, and others are thriving because of their DevOps strategies.

It has influenced other businesses to adopt DevOps in some way.

Why not? If you seek to build the most optimal way to enable agility in your organization then you must have come across DevOps at someplace. It is a highly recommended trend for those who want to deliver services/products to clients quickly. 

Well, Despite all the hues, what matters most to any organization is ROI.

And thinking about the ROI impact on DevOps adoption is obvious and important.

Before we dwell on all the tangible and intangible impacts, why not have a look at the 4 steps involved in the DevOps adoption process.

Steps to Successful DevOps Adoption

  1. Oversee inefficiency –  At this point, the organization has grown intelligent enough to optimize its operations for increased efficiency.
  2. Develop/Test –Following the transition to a product-based strategy, the next step would be to speed up the development process and implement agile testing approaches.
  3. Deploy – Once the development pace has been attained, the next step is to make it faster and smarter, which is where Automation comes in, providing the third stage on the DevOps adoption path to success. Automate the process to increase transparency, speed up release, and make future deployment easier.
  4. Operate – At this stage of DevOps, organizations begin to move away from being isolated and toward being collaborative.

    Adopting DevOps is not a simple decision. It is a decision that must be made carefully, with a clear knowledge of the costs and challenges involved. However, as many who have made it this far remark, the results are well worth the expense. That you will observe in the next segment.

Various Cost Reduction Ways Through DevOps

DevOps reduces a company’s expenditures in a variety of ways, both directly and indirectly. Some of the very obvious ways are:

Cost Parameter

Cost Without DevOps

Cost With DevOps

Network Downtime Cost

High cost for network downtime. That majorly arises because of the bug-ridden code, poor service visibility, and overloaded infrastructure utilization.

Reduced cost using DevOps automated testing, continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD) practices.

Software Release Cost

Complex and expensive especially when you are dealing with multiple releases at a time.

Reduced cost with automated release pipeline. As well as low cost for lesser people required for the process

Other Costs 

High reference cost because of the monolithic approach.

  • Optimized cost using microservices in a DevOps environment. 
  • Save cost by speeding up the rate at which you can incorporate client feedback into production.

A Sneak Peek into the Applied AI’s DevOps Platform - DevOps-in-a-box


Understanding the concern of value on return, we have developed an accelerator DevOps-in-a-box that clearly shows the benefits in terms of both cost and time.

We help you solve the problem that is a bottleneck for you today!! 

The most common bottlenecks that companies face today are:

  • Bottleneck in Build process
  • Bottleneck in Testing
  • Bottleneck in Performance
  • Bottleneck in Frontend Deployment
  • Bottleneck in Review & Code Analysis

And to remove these bottlenecks, our team has built a platform that is enriched with Pipelines and solution infrastructure. Some of them are mentioned below:



Applied To

PR Pipeline

It is a CI pipeline to run tests on every pull request. Because the application is not yet deployed, the tests that run on each PR must be very short and localized.

Failed Deployments

CI Pipeline

This pipeline compiles, tests and if required even notifies you about your pushed code. The build server will do this heavy job of making developers’ lives easier.


Artifact Promoting Pipeline

It will be responsible for promoting the well-tested artifacts from one stage to the next. For example, if a build is verified and tested by QA in a QA environment then that artifact will be promoted to the next i.e., to the staging environment. Then to the prod environment.

Application Performance

Selenium Test Automation Pipeline

It will execute selenium automation tests for testing the web application. Along with selenium, allure tool will be used which is a flexible lightweight multi-language test report tool.


Database Deployment Pipeline

This pipeline will use liquibase to apply the database schema changes automatically without manual human intervention.


Infrastructure Deployment Pipeline

This pipeline will be responsible for deploying the resources or services in the public cloud using terraform ( Infrastructure-as-a-Code ).


Load and Performance Test Pipeline

This pipeline gets triggered manually on a pre-prod setup on selected releases. All the releases may not need to go through the Load and Performance Test.

Performance Testing

Solution Infrastructure



Load-balanced Auto Scaling group

It creates an Auto-Scaling group that receives traffic only from the application load balancer. It deploys resources such as Load Balancer, Launch Configuration, Autoscaling Group, Target Group, and Security Group.

Highly Available


It helps you deploy application VPC which has 4 subnets. Out of which 2 of them will be used for deploying applications and the rest of 2 will be used for hosting the database. 

Highly Secure

Load balanced website with sticky sessions

Through this solution, A load-balanced web application will be deployed with sticky sessions enabled on it.

Highly Reliable


In this solution, VDSS VPC will be deployed which will consist of one private subnet and one public subnet in each availability zone. VPC flow logs will be also enabled and stored in the AWS Cloudwatch Log group.

Highly Secure

As you can see, your end-to-end delivery pipeline can be completely streamlined.

It starts with basic software quality and extends to include user feedback loops to ensure that your products meet the expectations of your customers. 

The Benefits Of DevOps Are Simply Too Big To Ignore.

Regardless of what is holding you back, the benefits of DevOps are simply too big to ignore. Our team can assist you to get started with DevOps-in-a-box and help you achieve DevOps maturity.

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