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Want to Reduce Operational Cost By 70%? Time To Migrate From Rundeck To AWS Batch

Want to Reduce Operational Cost By 70%? Time To Migrate From Rundeck To AWS Batch

Delays in feedback not only raise the cost of fixing problems but also result in various additional issues.

Hence to make things faster companies are adopting automation for different tasks. 

Rundeck and AWS Batch both serve the same purpose of automating and making things faster and easier. But they are different in terms of adding value.

Rundeck is a runbook automation platform that is used to make common operations more self-service for others in an organization. To understand this, 

Assume you’re a software engineer who’s built a script to clear a cache, restart a service, or run a data processing job. If you or your team are the only ones with the permissions and experience to securely run that script, you may soon become a constraint for others in the company that require that task.

Rundeck allows you to convert this script into a GUI-based internal tool that you can share with others. Anyone with the appropriate rights can then run the script themselves, even if they lack the knowledge or access to do so.

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However, there are some aspects of Rundeck that make it difficult to use and expensive.

Let me tell you the challenges of one of our clients who operated in a marketing & advertising agency in the USA and How Migrating to AWS Batch helped them save 70% of their operational cost.

Challenges of a Content-Based Marketing Business with Rundeck Platform

Being a content marketing platform, they target helping companies that wish to produce and expand their own content for the purpose of new customer acquisition.  But they were facing the following challenges:

Once they figured out their problem, they started looking for the right solution. This is where AAIC came into its visibility.

With over 60+ percentage of AWS certified professionals and work history, they knew we can bring the optimal solution.

Solution Steps To Reduce the High Operational Cost and Visibility Issue

After looking into their high operational cost and visibility issue, we knew they needed to migrate to AWS Batch service in place of Rundeck. 

For a quick intro, AWS Batch has its own console where on the dashboard we get all the details of the jobs that are scheduled.

As per our suggestion, they migrated to AWS batch and further our AWS Experts:

  • Composed it in 5 spot EC2 instances to run the batch jobs.
  • Configured and stored all the configurations and secrets in AWS Secrets Manager.
  • Used AWS Cloudwatch event rules to schedule the jobs.

All the batch jobs were deployed in a production environment using terraform automation. This helped manage the entire job scheduling and configuration as a code. 

This is how we helped them fix failures and errors quickly and redeploy them with a click.

Common Technology Stack Used For Rundeck To AWS Batch Migration

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Key Aspects while migrating From Rundeck To AWS Batch

Understand the existing jobs, frequency, and dependencies.

Job Customization to make work with AWS Batch.

POC of AWS Batch

Scalability & Performance

Apart from the AWS-specific solution, we have our own accelerators, which include marXeed, DevOps-in-a-box, and AITest, that allow our customers to realize the value in days or weeks. 

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