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Release 46% More Features with Mature Deployment Pipeline.

Release 46% more features with mature deployment pipeline

Product managers are always looking for ways to improve their products, optimize the user experience, make the product more valuable, and therefore increase user engagement.

But, how often do they get success?

Well, it depends on the speed of feature releases. 

Let’s say, you build an app and release the beta version for public testing and feedback.

And Feedback came. 

Your users showed that specific features needed to be added, modified, etc. 

Now, what will happen if you lag or delay the release of the required features?

Well, your users will switch to your competitor who not just listens to the feedback but also releases the required features at a faster pace.

Don’t worry! Here we will demonstrate how you can release 46% more features with a mature deployment pipeline and beat the competition.

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Why You Fail To Release Features When Required

Let’s understand this with a real example. One of our clients had three environments to manage: development, quality assurance, and production. 

Every day they were making small changes and moving them to the testing environment. It was then moved to production if everything went well.

And because there was no automation in place, they were facing the following challenges.


So you got it! Right?

Now, let’s move toward the solution.

Steps To Release 46% more Features with a Mature Deployment Pipeline

Follow the steps below to do the frequent releases without deployment error.

  • Add pipelines for automated releases.
  • Include multiple stages in pipelines like quality checks, automated tests, vulnerability checks, etc.
  • Add parallel and automated deployment.

Continuing the above example of a client experiencing deployment challenges, here is a closer look at the steps we took:

  • Assisted in performing automated releases with pipelines that included quality tests, dependency, vulnerability, static code analysis, and deploy production stages.
  • Provided a PR pipeline and environment-specific deployment pipeline for 10+ microservices.

 We designed it in such a way that all of their code even though It is in a single repository for

different services the right service is deployed as per the code change. Along with

deployment to the white-listed setups.

This type of individual service build and deployment was possible with the right design and

configuration of various dependencies each service has on different code components in the repository.

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Technologies we Used in the Mature Deployment Pipeline

services logos

DevOps Pipeline For Faster Releases

To help you better understand the process steps, here goes a graphical look at the DevOps pipeline for faster releases.


The competitive market demands faster releases not only for startups but also for established players. As you could see, how we helped the leading sales company in making faster releases without error. That ultimately helped them build the authority in the market. 

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