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How to boost deployment success rate with Python Selenium Automation?

How to boost deployment success rate with Python Selenium Automation?

Many organizations need a significant amount of time and effort to test their applications. 

Additionally, before deploying the upgrade to production, the possibility of breaking the program’s working functionality due to closely coupled application dependencies is always a major concern.

You can mitigate these problems by hiring a big manual testing team. But it takes days and weeks to get the app into production. 

Additionally, it costs a lot!

Tired of manual testing costs? Talk to our experts 

Hence there are some tactics we implemented for one of our customers to resolve the above-mentioned issues:

  • We developed the test cases for different levels like execution, report generation, and so on.
  • We used Python (pyTest framework for API testing) and a Selenium-based framework to
  • automate the user interface.
  • We also integrated the automation suite into the CI/CD pipeline to ensure that it runs for every new deployment across all environments.
  • For the test scenarios, We created Allure reports so that we could track their success or failure.
  • To achieve the required agility, we built a pipeline dedicated to running Selenium automation tests for web application testing. We utilized the allure tool (a versatile lightweight multi-language test report tool) in addition to selenium to create the test report, which can be stored and hosted on AWS S3.

Our AWS experts can help you

The Selenium Test Automation Pipeline, that we implemented, can be visualized in the diagram below:

As a Cloud System Integrator (CSI) and DevOps Service Provider, we enabled these enterprises to transform securely by accelerating the migration of their application and big-data workloads to the cloud with improved governance.

We helped the client to:  

  • Decide the CI/CD platform based on your application suitability
  • Quickly select the best suitable pipeline for your application
  • Quality and security compliances baked in as part of pipeline automation
  • Incorporates templates based on recommended architecture.
  • Provides templates that have been used in production for multiple customers with varying degrees of application complexity

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