Sanju Burkule

Sanju Burkule

Chief Visionary

Sanju is an entrepreneur and industry veteran with more than 2 decades of experience. He believes in ‘Automate or Get Automated’. He is a big fan of the video E=mc2, and envisions solutions that are around a resource that is extremely limited for each person, i.e. TIME.

His solutions are around ‘creating time’ (how weird is that) that essentially compress activities into units that produce same or better outcome in significantly less time and still deliver high quality consistently. After returning from US in 2003, Sanju spent a decade with BMC Software helping progress solutions in Data Center Management space namely Patrol and Bladelogic. He then founded Opex Software that built advanced state of the art DevOps automation that packs tremendous speed to IT. Opex democratised deployments by creating DeployNow, TestNow and HealNow which formed REAN Platform foundation post Opex-REAN Cloud acquisition. Sanju headed Global Marketing for REAN. REAN Platform went on to win the largest cloud deal on earth – the $950m DoD Cloud deal, one of the proud moments personally. Sanju headed cloud marketing briefly after REAN-Hitachi Vantara acquisition.

At Applied AI, Sanjus vision is to democratise AI in a simplified manner to help small and large companies leverage innovations in AI industry and help companies witness quick growth.

On the rare occasions when Sanju is not at work, he spends time ideating solutions while cycling.

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