The layman’s guide to AI-based email-marketing

Promotion – Using data for higher engagement across social media

Audiences are always looking for original and engaging content which they can use to discover new ideas. This content is heavily read and shared by the audience, expanding the organic reach of the content and brand awareness.

The promotion and distribution of the content once produced is an important aspect of a digital marketing strategy. Reaching the right set of target audiences through proper medium increases the outreach and generates traffic to your site. The content is distributed through different promotional activities, both inbound and outbound to grab the attention of the interested users. The social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, emails are the most popular ones to reach the target audience. 

Data can help you improve content promotion as it will allow you to:

  • Know your Target Audience - Learn more about your buyers to create laser-focused content
  • Customize for the Platform - Tailor content to specific audiences across different social media channels.
  • Offer solution to the problem - Create the types of content your buyers are most likely to respond to.
  • Headlines Matter - Write headlines and plan topics that will improve your chances of success in the search engines. Develop topics based on what your audience wants to read.
  • Share and Win - Deliver email content and headlines that grab your readers’ attention.

MarXeed - Role of AI and Content Promotion 

The AI platform, MarXeed crawls millions of content data from websites and predicts user behavior pattern and the relevancy of the content in engaging the user. Users then become part of the value chain and not just the readers.

AI-driven MarXeed can help predict the success of your campaign, lead generation, and conversion probability by calibrating on the historical data.

1. MarXeed provides the trending hashtags and also tells us about the hashtag which we shouldn’t use. It also provides us the list of top queries around your campaign keyword that’s trending on Quora or Stack overflow.
2. MarXeed enables you to automate and distribute the most up-to-date and relevant content across all your marketing channels (social media, blogs, email, etc.).
3. MarXeed can help you understand customer trends easily. This automates the task to look for the fresh or trending topics and frees up the resource.

The AI-driven approach let you to differentiate your product, influence the customer decisions by providing the right business information. MarXeed provides the data to enhance your promotional activities and win your prospects and customers.

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