The layman’s guide to AI-based email-marketing

Outbound Marketing – Enhance the customer experience by providing AI-driven marketing insights.

Outbound marketing is a traditional form of “marketing” where you try to reach out to the customers and push yourself to the customer through cold calling, pop-ups and ads, media buys, print ads, tradeshows, etc. This form of marketing is harder to track and less profitable. Surprisingly, outbound marketing constitutes the majority of marketing budgets for many businesses and hence it’s an important part of the marketing campaign strategy. 

There are several reasons that outbound marketing never goes out of fashion:

  • Real-time problem solving - Unlike modern digital marketing campaigns, outbound marketing follows the traditional approach of getting in touch with the customer, understanding their needs and offering the solution.
  • Generating leads - The real-time 1:1 approach turns the prospects into leads by bridging the gap between the problem area and the resolution. Therefore, the leads generated are stronger in comparison to the other methods.
  • Greater chances of satisfied customers – The ability to have a personal conversation with a person and solving a customers’ problem is more effective. There are more chances of the prospect being interested in the product and more chances to turn into a long-term loyal customer.

MarXeed – Content enrichment by providing data to target potential customers

The AI platform, MarXeed, allows you to target the right audience by creating personalized emails unique to each persona with the help of AI recommended subject lines and AI-generated email samples. The easy-to-use feature of MarXeed allows you to create a professional email with winning subject lines to increase the outreach and CTR.

MarXeed helps you to target such an audience by:

1. Doing the keyword research for creating the ads and pop-ups on the topic of interest.
2. Creating the sample emails targeted towards the audience after the initial contact. The suggested emails have salient characteristics such as 3-minute read, fits in the single screen of your mobile, scroll free read, right tone, with CTA. Such emails can make a lot of difference in terms of CTRs.
3. Generate relevant content through the use of keyword data to understand market behavior and write meaningful and effective content about these subjects on your website for SEO.

The collective approach - inbound and outbound marketing - underpins the business growth and gives freedom to the users to choose the right method for problem-solving. The ability to create a connection with the customer through both digital and in-person methods shows the proactiveness and responsiveness of the company towards the customers’ needs. 

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