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marXeed is an intelligent marketing content data recommendation engine. It helps you with content marketing driven by the power of AI to create meaningful content to attract, engage, and delight your customers. Right from assisting you to find the best keywords to off page promotion and email marketing, marXeed is the holy grail for all your content marketing needs.

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Google Analytics, professional optimization

Google Analytics, professional optimization

Grow your traffic by measuring it with Google Analytics! AAIC Digital Expert will implement Google Analytics for you.

  • Measure Website Visitors
  • Set Goals & Events blahbl
  • Optimize Your Trafficblah

Landing Page Optimization <br><br>

Landing Page Optimization

Convert more visitors with an optimized landing page! AAIC Digital Expert will audit your landing page and suggest.

  • Audit landing pageblahb
  • Optimization suggestion
  • See the successblahblah

Backlink audit & Optimization <br> <br>

Backlink audit & Optimization

Preserve good backlinks and eliminate harmful ones. AAIC Digital Expert will do it for you.

  • Eliminate "Spammy" Backlinks
  • Disavow Links (If Needed)blahb
  • Ensure Only High-Quality Links

Customer Support

Customer Support

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Yes, As a launch offer marXeed is providing a free trial to all before 31st Dec 2021. You will be able to download free sample reports to get started with your content marketing campaigns.

The subscription plan for marXeed is simple and flexible. You can select:

  • Free plan ($0):20 credits for free signup. *One time on signup.
  • Pro plan :
    • 40 credits with $19.9/Month ($2.49 per execution of a campaign content recommendation).
    • 120 credits with $49.99/Month ($2.08 per execution of a campaign content recommendation).
    • 300 credits with $99.99/Month ($1.65 per execution of a campaign content recommendation).

marXeed is an advanced AI-based content recommendation tool that also allows you with some content generation options like for Email subject line and body text.
Yes, It is highly beneficial for content managers in saving time and bringing organized content together. From content clusters to content promotions it provides real-time data to you.

As content is at the core of every digital marketing plan and activity. marXeed lets you do Intelligent keyword searches, refine your content cluster, accounts to target while providing helpful sites and links for content promotion.

You can use any of the cards listed below to pay for your marXeed subscription:

  • Afterpay
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • AfterPay
  • JCB
  • Discover

To apply/buy credits follow the steps below:

  • Click on the “Buy Credit” button provided on the marXeed page.
  • Pay on the Stripe page.
  • After getting a success notification, our team will add them manually on the credits table.