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marXeed is an intelligent marketing content data recommendation engine. It helps you with content marketing driven by the power of AI to create meaningful content to attract, engage, and delight your customers. Right from assisting you to find the best keywords to off page promotion and email marketing, marXeed is the holy grail for all your content marketing needs.

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AI-Powered Content Marketing Services for traffic, engagement, and conversion

Our digital expert team creates, packages, promotes, and distributes content for your business.

Extended Virtual Team
Extended Virtual Team

Our digital marketing experts become your extended virtual marketing organization and ensure high-quality work. Powered by marXeed, our digital experts create unique, high-quality content about your business for the keywords that matter most to you.

Swift and Timely Delivery
Swift and Timely Delivery

Upon requesting expert help, our digital experts will contact you within 1 business day for all kinds of support. (content creation, infographics, and video creation, social media marketing, content promotion, or broader inbound marketing/outbound marketing).

Fully Managed Digital Marketing Services
Fully Managed Digital Marketing Services

The service includes everything you would need for a successful marketing campaign and uses marXeed’s advanced technology to ensure every dollar you spend will have the most impact.

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Services that our digital experts can provide:
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing
  • Network Growth [LinkedIn]
  • Content writing, marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO [on-page, off-page]
  • Paid Ads [Google, LinkedIn]
  • Hubspot consulting

High-quality Content builds credibility, trust and powers sales

Content Creation

Content Creation

We are supported by a team of experienced and HubSpot Content Marketing certified content writers and marketers who create content that brings traffic to your website.
We create the following types of content:

  • Blogs
  • e-books
  • whitepapers
  • website content
  • videos
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Our Personalized Solutions

Digital Promotion

Powered by marXeed’s digital promotion insights, our social media managers run and manage all your social media campaigns.
We cover the following social media platforms including High Domain Authority Directory listings:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Reddit
* Talk to our Social Media Expert to learn more
Google Analytics, professional optimization

Google Analytics, professional optimization

Grow your traffic by measuring it with Google Analytics! AAIC Digital Expert will implement Google Analytics for you.

  • Measure Website Visitors
  • Set Goals & Events blahbl
  • Optimize Your Trafficblah

Landing Page Optimization <br><br>

Landing Page Optimization

Convert more visitors with an optimized landing page! AAIC Digital Expert will audit your landing page and suggest.

  • Audit landing pageblahb
  • Optimization suggestion
  • See the successblahblah

Backlink audit & Optimization <br> <br>

Backlink audit & Optimization

Preserve good backlinks and eliminate harmful ones. AAIC Digital Expert will do it for you.

  • Eliminate "Spammy" Backlinks
  • Disavow Links (If Needed)blahb
  • Ensure Only High-Quality Links

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Website Development

You have an existing website which needs
a rejig or you are thinking of creating a new one.


Inbound service or product request is nirvana. Our SEO experts have successfully positioned 16,00+ keywords on the first page for our clients.

Paid Ads

You have cracked some sales deals. You know what’s working. Time to scale now and convert more prospects.
AAIC Ad experts are all certified professionals with $0.5m budgets under management

Drive your Business with AI-Powered Marketing Service

Fast-Track your marketing functions with intelligence.Create lead-generating marketing content at tremendous speed.