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Why marXeed?

1. Content Cluster

Generate the content cluster around your key offering (keyword). Write blogs with these titles to be more searchable, visible and increase your visitors.

2. Email Artifacts

Predict the success of your outbound campaign. With marXeed you get the email subject and email body with AI score which talks about the probability of your customer opening up the email.

3. Trending Links for Promotion

Get a list of trending hashtags as well as Quora and Stack overflow queries around your keyword. Copy the hashtags & Promote. Click on the Quora link and directly launch into the query, respond and also provide your promotion link.

4. Probable Accounts
to Target

Get a list of accounts who have shown interest around your keyword, get their email address, reach out to them. And you have a ready start for ABM.

Why Marketeers Love marXeed

Brings focus, clarity, and speed to marketing execution

Is one stop for a CMO to execute his marketing campaign

Gives at least 40% more speed using AI based Platform

marxeed benefits

Is the data provider for marketing platform

90% more chances of getting right first time with campaigns

AI recommended
subject lines

marXeed provides


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