Are your digital marketing efforts falling short on the promise?

You have a trusted Partner Focused on Growth Marketing

o Fits into your existing marketing team to fix some areas that may be bottleneck for you.

o Gives at least 40% more speed using AI based Platform

o Frees up the CMO and Org leader to let them focus on their IP and Business Strategy

o Makes sure all campaigns run on-time, within budget

o Gives 360 Degree view of Marketing effort

AI Augmented
Platform Based
Marketing Services

- Widen your 'Marketing Funnel'
- Integrate industry proven AI enabled marketing tools
- Up to 3X returns on your marketing investment
- Extract actionable insights from your data through AI
- Streamline your digital marketing pipeline

Marketing funnel


Up to 80% Boost in Lead Generation


Up to 3X Returns on Marketing Investment


Average Increase in Functional Productivity


More Actionable Insights due to AI Enablement

Build Your Marketing Pipeline

Let's get started

Services powered by marXeed

1. Top-notch talent to
provide service   

AAIC has in-house experts across all aspects of marketing services.

o Customer Success Executives
o Digital Marketing experts
o Content Writers
o Graphic Designers
o Website programmers
o Social Media experts
o IT experts

2. AI Augmented Marketing Service using Platform (marXeed)

Marxeed platform integrates with top notch AI tools. This, along with our IP, we enable our service team with ‘expert level guidance’.

Our Differentiator
High Yield from EVERY dollar

Our Process - Rapid Experimentation and Growth

Marketing is all about ‘Rapid Experimentation’. At AAIC, we follow Test → Optimize → Scale principle with agility as its backbone.

It’s a monthly engagement model where we

o Strategize about the campaign
o Plan, decide the collaterals
o Execute the campaign
o Monitor, measure, optimize and scale
o Nurture the leads 

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