Key Elements of Digital Marketing Campaign & related Marketing Content

Marketing Content for your Digital Campaigns

Today, digital campaigns have become an important part of the marketing strategy to attract and retain potential customers by generating the traffic to the website and product through various social media platforms, emails, blogs, etc. The audience is often overwhelmed by the huge amount of data that is shared with them every single day. The resources are wasted in creating the irrelevant content that is more like a garbage in and garbage out.

The huge amount of data already exist, making it difficult for a marketer to figure out which data point is most relevant, and identify the best way to use those metrics to establish and maintain strong relationships between the brand and audience. Marketers are often looking for the data that can help them identify target audiences and their trending topics, channel-specific preferences of potential customers, and the information most relevant to them.

Key elements of a Digital Marketing Campaign
A successful digital campaign always sets goals that are in sync with the goals of the business. Setting goals that are realistic, measurable, attainable and time-bound are vital to creating a well-defined goal-oriented digital campaign.

Key Elements of Digital Marketing Campaign

Some of the key elements of a successful digital campaign are:

1. Target the right buyer persona
Define the right target audience by identifying the right persona who can be a potential buyer. Segment your target audience based on industry, role, age group and why they need your services. Your content has to speak to your buyer personas.

2. Target Accounts for account-based marketing
In the short-term, the ABM approach provides more clarity and market fit validation for sharpening your digital marketing content. Using ABM and inbound marketing to create personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each target account.

3. Create an impactful message
Step into the shoes of your target audience and think about what value can you deliver to help them improve their business or solve their problem. The message should be able to address their biggest concerns.

4. Lead nurturing with marketing automation
Engage the prospects with the right content with verifiable facts through the marketing automation tool. It should continually feed your target buyers with engaging content.

5. Create a structured content cluster
Create a cluster of content around a topic to boost search visibility and achieve better ROI from your content marketing efforts.

6. Data-driven content enrichment
Most marketers adopt the Inside-Out approach to business where the company works to achieve its internal goals rather than the bigger goals of meeting customer needs. Inside-Out approach does lead them to short-term gains but limits the company’s ability to adapt to the market changes. The focus on the Outside-In approach to business helps build a customer-centric through data-driven culture and long-term gains achieved through customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In digital campaigns, the data-driven content is going to give an Outside-in approach to the business. Throughout this entire process of your digital campaign, the data-driven approach to content creation not only enrich your data but also making sense of that data. Data enrichment helps you improve pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. It helps you increase your CTR on email campaigns and it improves your content.

7. Promoting the content
Different people respond to different types of content like email, web advertising, social avenues like LinkedIn or other professional organizations. Promoting the content through different channels is important to grab the attention of the users.

Digital Marketing Campaign Execution: Challenges and Pitfalls
Most digital campaigns fail due to poor planning and execution of the marketing strategy and its failure to align with the larger business goal. The herd mentality of marketers who follow the trend to roll out content to the audience without having clear goals in mind limits them to build long-term relationships with potential customers.

Some of the most common reasons for the failure of digital campaigns are:
· Lack of clarity about the target audience who can turn into the customers
· Poor market research on the topics which can impact the execution of the campaign.
· Repetitive and redundant topics chosen for the content that fails to increase user engagement
· Lack of clear communication with potential buyers on the topic of interest.
· Lack of data-driven insights or outside-in perspective to business where the focus on customer needs is limited by the aim to achieve internal goals.

Key Elements of Digital Marketing Campaign and related Marketing Contents
In the above section, we talked about the key elements of a digital marketing campaign. Let’s take an example of a marketing campaign and then let us try to map that with the key elements and related marketing content data.

Setting the stage and premise:
Marketing Campaign for ‘Lead Generation’
Keyword: Lead Generation

Planning the Digital Marketing Campaign leadership along with their marketing team zeroed down on the marketing strategy. Based on the strategy they created the whole Digital marketing plan. From the plan, they decided on a set of 15 campaigns to be run for the year. One of the campaigns was the Digital Marketing campaign for ‘Lead Generation’.

The next step was to look at the key elements of a digital marketing campaign and then map it with the data/content needed for each element.

They put together a mapping as below.

Key Elements of Digital Marketing Campaign & related Marketing Content

MarXeed: AI-based Marketing Content Data Provider for your Digital Campaign
Marketers applying data insights to the content might be surprised by the opportunities data-driven content creates in driving the successful digital marketing campaign. MarXeed is one such powerful AI-based platform that enables marketers to build key market focused content from the client’s main offering.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence, MarXeed let the marketers to generate highly focused marketing content with tremendous speed to run the digital campaigns on time and increase lead conversion. It enables the marketing team to widen the ‘Marketing Funnel’ with integrating industry-proven AI-enabled marketing tools and get up to 3X returns on the marketing investment. The team can extract actionable insights from the data through AI and streamline the digital marketing pipeline.

The data-driven content creation approach helps to predict and scale content at an accelerated speed. MarXeed delivers a high-quality customer experience by creating custom content in the shortest period of time to increase user engagement and save costs. It also gives the flexibility to personalize the content based on the user preferences and user experience. The AI tools make smart suggestions to increase the outreach of the content to the right customers and all this is done in real-time.

MarXeed enables marketers to implement the right content strategy for the SEO by helping them to:

1. Create Content
Marketing content and campaign management is the ‘heart’ of MarXeed. The tool recommends the long-tail keywords that customers are looking for, the subject lines, the sample emails and blog topics that are not repetitive and outdated.

2. Curate Content
MarXeed can help you discover new content topics, trending hashtags, and what customers are looking for. This keeps the stream fresh and relevant while giving teams more time to focus on creating high-quality content.

3. Distribute Content
Publishing tweets, posts, and videos so that your readers can see them when they’re most likely to be online is a great way to drive engagement. The underlying AI also helps businesses discover new and relevant content.

Who would get benefited from marXeed?
. Marketing teams of an organization
. Org Leaders looking at speeding up marketing for rapid growth
. Organization looking for social presence to align with the customer demand
. Marketers looking for subtle branding
. Marketing leaders looking to speed-up the campaign execution

MarXeed — Capabilities
MarXeed is a best in class, all-in-one solution to grow business and increase ROI.

MarXeed Capabilities

. Predictability — MarXeed, the AI-enabled marketing tool helps marketers to create useful content to target the right audience. The data-driven approach allows businesses to gain unique insights into their customers and predict the lead conversion. 90% chances of getting right first time

. Scalability — MarXeed offers high performance through flexible integration with the existing CMS tool. It increases the usage of marketing tools like HubSpot by making them work harder and making your investments profitable. Up to 3X returns on your marketing investment

. Speed — MarXeed increases the outreach to the end customer at the tremendous speed in your budget. Your team of marketers can get started quickly by learning the nuances of content writing through an automated platform. 40% more speed using AI-based platform

MarXeed — Key Features to run a successful digital marketing campaign
Marketers who focus on data ultimately lead to more successful marketing campaigns because they don’t make any assumptions about buyer behavior. Targeted marketing campaigns are considered to be the most effective personalization tactics for influencing buyer behavior. Targeted and differentiated content helps boost user engagement by giving them a reason to return after the initial interaction.

Here is how MarXeed becomes a go-to tool for marketers who are looking to create differentiated content and make it a part of the digital marketing campaigns to achieve bigger goals.

Key Features to run a successful Digital Marketing Campaign

1. Keywords

Your SEO keywords are the keywords in your site or content that make it possible for people to find your product. MarXeed helps you create content that is well optimized for search engines. The keywords suggested for the content creation help connect searchers to your content and product information across the digital platform. Adopting it as a tool to implement new SEO strategy has a huge impact on growing traffic and convert interested visitors into successful leads and ultimately sales.

Keywords: How People are Searching

2. Account To Target

Leveraging the data you already have at your fingertips to find prospects, opportunities, and even current customers that offer the best revenue potential. MarXeed predicts the target accounts which are actively seeking information about your product and looking to purchase it.

marxeed — Accounts to Target: Accounts looking for Lead Generation Tools or Service

3. Content Cluster

A solid content strategy generates traffic. Inbound marketing captures and qualifies leads by converting them into loyal customers through emails, blogs, website content, etc. Inbound marketing improves the traditional sales funnel to enhance the buyer’s journey and increase business growth.
Marxeed is focused on providing keywords that people are searching for, content cluster and promotional hashtags. This helps create meaningful, market-oriented content and distribute it to the right audience.

marxeed — Titles to be used in Content Cluster

4. Outbound Marketing [AI-Driven Subject Line and Email Body]

Refers to any kind of marketing where a company initiates the conversion and sends its message out to an audience through cold calling, media buys, email, etc. Outbound marketing constitutes the majority of marketing budgets for many businesses and hence it’s an important part of the marketing campaign strategy.
The AI platform, marXeed, allows you to target the right audience by creating personalized emails unique to each persona with the help of AI recommended subject lines and AI-generated email samples. The easy-to-use feature of MarXeed allows you to create a professional email with targeted subject lines to increase the outreach and CTR.

AI Recommended Subject Lines
AI-Generated email body

5. Promotion on Social Channels

Marxeed provides the trending hashtags and also tells us about the hashtag which we shouldn’t use. It also provides us the list of top queries around your campaign keyword that’s trending on Quora or Stack overflow.

marxeed — Hashtags to promote
marxeed — Promotion on Quora
marxeed — Promotion on StackOverflow

MarXeed — Marketing Content provider for your Digital Marketing Campaign

With ever-evolving customer needs, data consistency and scalability is set to underpin the marketing strategies for the future. Greater data enables marketers to more effectively create new content, personalize the content and promote that content to their audience in a meaningful and impactful way. MarXeed, an AI-based platform offers the capabilities to the marketers to have access to data in a simplified and ready-to-use format to build successful strategies and effective campaigns to increase the marketing ROI and drive sales.

Try out marXeed for your marketing campaign.

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