The layman’s guide to AI-based email-marketing

The layman’s guide to AI-based

They say nothing is visible if not marketed well!

In today’s world with hyper tech-infused humans everywhere, information is a miniscule entity if not marketed well. These days it’s all about how information reaches you! And it is precisely here that marketers play a big role. Amidst constantly racking their brains to devise a perfect strategy to reach their ideal customers, today’s marketers need to be conversant and adept at exercising diverse set of digital marketing sub-functions to make sure their approach, reach and returns are in sync. Given the cut-throat competition to grab the mind-share of the audience, there are hardly any low hanging fruits for marketers these days. Gone are the days where the marketing was only about advertising and advertising.
In the age of digital marketing and a ton of social media marketing apps, email seems like a species that is extinct. As emails have been around since the 1970s, it seems like an ancient tool parading forever. Yet, they are the primary and trustworthy medium of business communication.

With technological advancements sky-rocketing, there is a plethora of apps available for businesses to market their content. Email marketing might not be very exciting since there isn’t any novelty, but still it’s universally used for the sole purpose that it gives the perfect balance between a professional touch and a friendly exchange of words. It’s popular, it’s used everyday, its commercial uses are plenty; it all boils down to one thing – It works!

What is Email marketing?

Simply put, use of email to promote the content, product, service, businesses etc. Going a level deeper, email marketing is a platform for establishing connections with potential customers and clients. It is for building relationships with people. 

What is the big win for email marketing? Email marketing has two major points here – cost and ease. It is very cost-effective and inexpensive way of marketing. Similarly, it is relatively easy to set up and track an email marketing campaign. This makes email marketing very accessible for businesses and more preferred by the people. Email marketing with its easy and compatible nature benefits greatly with the help of AI marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the new buzzword in town!

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the hottest topics in the media today. It has also become one of the most discussed topics among email marketers for campaigns and promotions. Now, while this may hold true, many marketers may still be in the dark about how they could benefit from AI, how they could leverage AI in a practical manner today. 

Obviously, AI isn’t going to transform marketing and make it totally automated overnight. That’s still a long way to go. AI tools will require proper data, investment and additional resources. That said, there are a few relatively easy ways for you to use AI to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

What is AI based email marketing?

Artificial Intelligence is changing and revolutionizing email marketing. AI enables marketers to personalize their content and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time in an automated fashion. Along with this, AI strategies use data-driven insights to determine which subject lines, call-to-action, and content of the email will likely engage users the most and drive the best results. AI assists in providing better filters for the spam, improving the email deliverability methods and making it a user-friendly experience.  

Isn’t that what businesses have always wanted? AI does it with utmost ease and in a very simple and efficient manner. To summarize the vast expanse of benefits associated with AI based e-mail marketing, you could categorize them widely into the following sections given below -

  • Improve the Deliverability of Email 

    Every notable email service provider has anti-spamming algorithms deployed to sense whether an incoming email is spam or a genuine one. There are multiple factors which can send a genuine marketing email to the spam folder of the receivers. The spamminess of an email is based on multiple factors, such as the use of certain suspect words in subject line, the tone of the messaging, dubius history or sounding of sender’s domain, the organization of message body content, missing portions of standard footer blocks in the message body, etc.

    There is also a human factor involved where even though the marketing email lands in the inbox, the subject line is not impactful or interesting enough to encourage the receiver to open it. All these issues substantially reduce the returns from the email marketing exercise.

    There are many artificial intelligence algorithms available these days which can help a marketer to devise that perfect email subject line with high impact score and low spam score. Some algorithms are designed to understand the messaging context and offer suggestions to align the email bodies with the intended messaging. 
  • Send customized emails to each user

    AI helps you figure out what each customer would like to receive in their inbox and when, based on their past email activity. It then lets you send messages tailor-made for and relevant to each person
  • Create a segmented lists with focused messaging for each segment

    After collecting data by asking subscribers to set preferences, you need to have a segmented list and send personalized emails to your subscribers. With AI strategies, one can do this with ease and improve customer engagement. AI has made it easy to identify the accurate but hidden details of your customers and effectively segment them into clear groups thereby saving you time and resources.
  • Send right emails at the right time

    AI has made it convenient for marketers to study customer behavior, get insights, and create an email automation system based on this specific data. Thus, with AI based marketing you can determine the best time to send relevant emails to each and every customer.

AI makes email marketing highly focused, efficient and simplified by allowing marketers to add value to the emails that go beyond auto-generated replies. If you haven’t incorporated AI tools into your email marketing strategy yet, now is the right time to begin doing so. Stay tuned on this blog channel for more exciting happenings in the field, an in-depth analysis and guidance on how AI powered digital marketing can be incorporated in your existing digital marketing function.

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