GG Nagarkar

Gunanand Nagarkar 'GG'

Chief Mentor

Gunanand (aka GG) is known for bringing 3 things on board – Efficiency, Engagement and Enthusiasm. He is known among his peers and team members as the Go-to person for any technical problem!! He creates solutions and solves problems and challenges with optimal use of technology. He heads the strategy and technical sales while guiding the team to architect, implement and execute the solutions in-turn co-create reusable assets and platform.

With close to 2 decades of experience, GG has spent around 11 years at BMC Software owning and leading products in Infrastructure, Cloud, Application Monitoring, Event Management, Root Causal Analysis, BSM integrations, Big Data Analytics.

3 Years as Founder and CTO of OpexSoftware, he created the DevOps accelerating Solutions like DeployNow, TestNow and HealNow. Post Opex Software acquisition by REAN Cloud, he created the REAN Platform for DevOps and added products such as REAN Radar, REAN MNC, REAN Bot.

Presently he is focused on solving problems in the Sales and Marketing domain with optimal use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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