Help you master performance and collaboration within your team leveraging CI/CD pipelines for all stages.

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Automating Integration Pipeline to Accelerate Software Development Cycle

Extended Virtual Team
Extended Virtual Team

Our CI experts become your extended virtual organization and ensure high-quality work. Powered by DevOps-in-a-box, our CI experts create several pipelines to accelerate the software development lifecycle.

Swift and Timely Delivery
Swift and Timely Delivery

Upon requesting expert help, our CI experts will contact you within 1 business day for all kinds of support. (Implementing DevOps, CI, and CD pipelines).

Fully Managed Digital Marketing Services
Fully Managed DevOps Solutions

The service includes everything you would need for a speedy software development lifecycle and uses DevOps-in-a-box to ensure every dollar you spend will have the most impact.

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Services that our DevOps experts can provide:
  • Build Code
  • Run Tests
  • Package Code & Store Artifacts
  • Notify the Dev Team

The fully automated pipeline provides your developers with a centralized platform to integrate the builds effortlessly.

Build Code

Our CI pipeline enables your developers to build deployable code with no hassle.

Run Tests

Empower your developers to run tests to produce bug-free code effortlessly.

Package Code & Store Artifacts

Our CI pipeline helps your developers to assemble artifacts both in single and multiple builds.

Notify the Dev Team

The CI pipeline notifies the development team on any code quality issue with automatic notifications.

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