Channels of Traction

 Targeting BlogsGet blogs to review your product, run advertisements on them or do giveaways for their audience.
 PublicityContact 4 local reporters and get them to write local stories about you to cash in on the existing interest of the localites.
 Uncoventional PRHost a contest around your product, create viral infographics or videos etc.
 Search Engine MarketingTry keyword-based ads where you can detect conversions instead of only clicks.
 Social and Display AdsTry a FB or Twitter campaign which uses impactful imagery, targeting 2 niche audiences.
 Offline AdsAdevrtise on a niche podcast, making the host read your copy to his listeners. Also run local newspaper ads or banners.
 Search Engine OptimizationTest a long-tail SEO strategy by making some content-rich pages, and link these to your home page for highest rankings.
 Content MarketingStart a company blog and write one high quality blog-post a week for a month to engage with commenters. Also do guest-posts on other blogs.
 Email MarketingAdvertise on 2 email newsletters where it makes finanacial sense, or ask them to sponsor your product for a week/month.
 Viral MarketingBuild a viral loop into your product and measure your viral coefficient and viral cycle time.
 Engineering as MarketingMake at tool relevant to your company, collect contact infor in excahnge of using tool, reach out with main product email.
 Business DevelopmentFind companies with whom you could make partnerships. Have conversations to guage interest and strike one deal.
 SalesList 20 prospective customers and do warm intros with them, meet in person abput product. Do cold calls with 100 people with a chance of converting.
 Affiliate ProgramsRegister product at relevant major affiliate netwrok and recruit 20 affiliates to walk through the product.
 Existing PlatformsIdentify most relevant platform where your audience is, and research best practices for promoting a product a product. maybe try paid tools.
 Trade ShowsList relevant events, including smaller ones. Exhibit at most promising one.
 Offline EventsPut together conferences, sponsor local events and speak about what you are working on.
 Speaking EngagementsConatact local meetup groups and ask if you can speak at these events. Present your product like a story.
 Community BuildingMeetups and building a web community to attract and keep new users.
Eg. Wikipedia, Yelp, etc.
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