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Account-based marketing, or ABM, is a B2B strategy where marketing and sales work together to close big, complex deals at a discrete number of target accountsApplied AI Consulting is a marketing company with a deep focus on account-based marketing. We build programs that bridge the marketing and sales gap so that there is smooth engagement with the focused target accounts. We help transform target prospects into leads and opportunities. We help sales teams improve their ability to drive value from opportunities.

How you benefit from Account-Based Marketing?

Personal & optimized campaigns

Personal & optimized campaigns

This methodology entails personalizing your messaging to specific accounts so that your campaigns resonate with the target persona. Customers’ engagement rate is higher as the content is focused on them and is relevant to their business and stage in the buyer journey.

Easy Sales Alignment

Easy Sales Alignment

It becomes easier to align sales strategy with the account-based process. This is mainly because of the fact that the ABM process is carried out by taking into consideration the sales point of view like which accounts fit in your sweet spot and how to target them. Also how effectively you can generate revenue over a long period out of them.

Tracking goals & measurement is clear

In order to analyze the performance of any campaign such as ads, email, website, etc, with ABM methodology it’s easier to evaluate and analyze results as you are dealing with smaller and focused accounts which can give better results rather than looking at wider spectrum of accounts.

Clear ROI

As the account-based marketing methodology comprises precise, targeted, customized and accurate strategy when you compare it with other general outbound and inbound activities, it makes much easier for the marketer to measure the ROI clearly.Effective ABM tactic drives business results faster and with utmost clarity.

Reduced resource waste

Due to the target based focused approach, ABM helps the marketing team to use their resources efficiently and run target specific optimized account campaigns.

Ready to kickstart your Account-Based Marketing?

Getting started with the pilot ABM strategy?

Identify ~10 accounts to target or lesser

Decide one or two segments to focus on

Decide and divide accounts judiciously.

Continuously monitor, measure, and improve

Optimize and Scale

Our Account-Based Marketing Execution Plan

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