AI Tools in Marketing - A comparative Study

7Targets Marxeed

7Targets is a SaaS B2B company in the Sales and Marketing domain focused on lead nurturing. It has a flagship product ‘Marxeed’ which has the capability to generate content recommendation for marketing campaigns. 

Customer challenge

Being an Marketing campaign content generation, 7Targets wanted to make sure that a scalable and working solution is created to generate content for various locations. The user input keyword and location are used to generate the optimum content for the desired marketing campaign. Specific project-level challenges were: 

- Ability to generate the up-to-date and appealing content with multi-region support for campaigns.
- Ability to generate the content report and email it to the customer in the least time..
- Extract as much data as possible and deliver it in the most accessible manner..
- Set up a pipeline for continuous deployment with proper testing in the pipeline.

How the solution was deployed to meet the challenge

Applied AI Consulting worked on a solution

- To create the step functions (state machine) with various lambda functions for each step.
- Where the received keyword and location is used to generate content..
- Processes to generate content cluster, trending blogs, hashags, target accounts, etc.
- Handle any failures during the processing.

This has helped solve the problem of generating hand curated content for marketing campaigns for any keyword and almost any location. The state machine was used to generate different content data in parallel and email the report in very less time. Customer can request for different individual curated reports as well as complete report for the campaign. 

Third-party applications or solutions used

- Ritetag API is used to generate various hashtags for the provuded keyword. Stripe payment gateway is used for payment integration. Google Docs API is used to generate shareable reports.
- 3rd party CRM like Hubspot is used and the 7Targets Marxeed solution interacts with those solution.

AWS services used as part of the solution

AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS SES, AWS SNS, AWS SQS, AWS API Gateway, AWS Cloudwatch,, AWS Cognito, AWS WAF, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Cloudfront, AWS Route53 

Go Live Date

May 2020


- Able to grow per day content generation upto a large extent to handle huge number of runs per day and can still grow more with the present solution.
- Able to process the report generation at a similar level.
- Able to integrate huge number of different content type generation from a single provided keyword.
- Continuous monitoring of failure for lambda and step functions.
- The Continuous deployment pipelines are helping with automated zero downtime deployments to QA and then production setup

Architecture diagrams of the specific customer deployment

Pipeline for deployment

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