10 cool little AI marketing automation tools to help you with your business and services

10 cool little AI marketing automation tools to help you with your business and services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we think about marketing. Gone are those days when marketing would seem like a huge task. Marketers no longer have to whine about how difficult promoting, distributing and marketing their services are. It is no longer a constant struggle for marketers out there. AI tools have made marketing a fun & easy activity replacing the tiring & burdensome tasks, giving all the more reason for marketers to enjoy their work.

A simple Google search will give you access to plenty of articles about the immense number of AI tools available to make your job easy and effective. Let us study and understand some of them in this article today. Here are 10 amazing AI tools to assist you in making your business experience efficient.

  • Exceed.ai 

    The biggest boon to email marketers is a tool that will help in personalizing email content. Exceed.ai helps in automating email communication and personalizing chat. It understands the customer requirements and tries to emulate human conversations to provide a natural experience to them. This AI tool comes with technologies such as meeting scheduler, user-profiling, and personalized lead nurturing.
  • Chorus

    Why and for whom do marketers struggle so much to provide the best experience possible? It is the customer, who plays the most vital role in all this. If a marketer knows his audience well, most of the job is done. Chorus is an AI platform that helps marketers gather customer data by recording and analyzing sales calls. It takes the call notes and puts them into the organization’s CRM tool. It thus saves a lot of time on the sales team who can now focus on other important things.
  • OneSpot

    To give each individual user the personalized experience seems like a hugely daunting task. But with the right AI tool, it is possible. OneSpot is one such tool that understands user behavior and the context to deliver the most relevant content. It studies the user preferences and works on providing the anticipated results to each individual.

    The artificial intelligence platform provides a variety of solutions such as website and email individualization, automated content experience, optimized email marketing and many more.
  • Automizy

    Email automation is an important part of the lead nurturing process. As the name has in itself, Automizy uses artificial intelligence to automate content by helping marketers analyze and optimize email subject lines. This email tool provides deep analytics and A/B testing features to help email marketers with their campaigns and strategies.  
  • Seamless.ai

    What is an essential feature highly needed at the time of sending emails in bulk? A contact list! That is precisely what this AI tool does for us. It helps marketers build up their contact list. This tool helps stack up email addresses, phone numbers, contacts and biographies and then create and maintain a list of prospects without any of the manual effort.
  • Uberflip

    Uberflip is an advanced content personalisation platform. It helps you create unique experiences for each customer. Content personalization as I mentioned before remains one of the most important parts of email marketing. Uberflip makes it easier to implement and execute personalized content at scale for a larger and more diverse audience.
  • Aizimov

    Aizimov is another interesting AI platform that helps marketers with content personalization. The platform gathers information from the internet (social media sites and other websites) to create accurate emails and messages for each of your target audiences.
  • Cortex 

    Cortex is an AI email marketing platform that optimizes its own automations for better results. It helps you with your subject lines, discovers the right time to send emails to individual users, tracks user responses and then uses all the available data to create better campaigns for your business and services.
  • Emarsys

    Emarsys is an AI marketing system that assists you to power your content, emails, advertising and the entire strategy with the latest technologies. Emarsys acts as a single platform that streamlines your marketing strategies and effort. It is a combined and integrated personalization tool across the board offering sophisticated automations, predictive analytics and much more.
  • Grammarly

    We all have faced difficulties with editing and proofreading our documents, content, and emails. Grammarly is a simple yet effective AI tool that makes this job easy for us. It serves as an intelligent proofreading tool. It will highlight all the errors and typos as you write emails, blogs, and other content so you naturally become a better writer over time. This way it does not actually do your job but enables you to do it better.

As I mentioned during the start of the article, there is no dearth of AI tools that will help you with even the slightest of things and make your work easy and enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for! Go and start implementing these cool little AI tools in your business and services, and get the most amazing experience out of them.

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